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You can achieve everything
you want in life if you will just
help enough other people
achieve what they want.

--Zig Zigler
Thanks for dropping by!
I have to tell you a compliment.
Seeing you, I am impressed that you practice what you preach and truly
are healthy, strong and emotionally
comfortable with yourself. I have met
so many "health" or "life" coaches that
simply are sick. You are not and you
are genuine. I love that.

Brad Palmer
Natural Health Educator,
Lymphologist, HHP,
EFT Coach
with certificates in both
Basic and Advanced EFT
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The New Heaven's and the New Earth
One of the things we do at Healing School is teach EFT. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, which is a self-applied acupressure technique used to help release emotions stuck in the biology. PTSD would be an example of emotions stuck in the biology. We have had people contact us asking for coaching for various issues in which they feel stuck.

One issue we have had people contact us about is
fear regarding the future of planet earth. If you watch the news, of course, you see reports about water shortage, pollution of air, land and sea, weather changes and endless information about overpopulation and its effect on earth. For many people this is very frightening. They have no hope regarding human nature. They rightfully have no hope that human's might suddenly choose to act unselfishly and with wisdom to preserve the quality of life on this planet. As a result, they have great fear about their own future and that of their children and grandchildren and future generations.

When they call, you can hear the fear in their voice. You know they are being ruled by the bad news they see and hear daily. I find myself wishing I could infuse them with the peace and great joy and hope I experience as a believer in Christ. I have no question in my mind or heart as to what the future looks like for human's, or this planet. My confidence is in what various seekers and finders of God have recorded, as they received direction from the Creator of this planet, regarding the future of this planet.

I know there are those who immediately think, "Seriously? You base your hope on the Bible and not on science?" Absolutely. I do so because I have studied the Bible and found that prophetically, it is a stunningly accurate collection of writings from various authors who all predicted (actually prophesied) events, often far into the future. I have no reason to think that what they have prophesied about this planet will not be equally accurate. I also have connected with Christ, the central figure of the Bible and found Him to be absolutely faithful. I have found Him to be exactly what He said He was, "The Way, the Truth and the Life." My confidence is based on the prestine accuracy of previously fulfilledBible prophesies, and also on the living relationship I have with Christ.

I have no questions regarding the future of Planet Earth. I know exactly what is going to happen, and though some of it is hard short-term, the long range picture is wondrously good. Knowing the future gives me peace and joy. Unfortunately, even many Christians have not studied this and have wrong ideas about what the future holds for them and this planet. When I hear someone talking about living in Heaven forever, I know they have a head full of the tradtions of men, and have not studied what GOD, Himself, has revealed to us about our future.

Inspired by HIM, I have collected a good many prophecies on this subject. You can click on the link below for a free download of those prophecies. There is little or no commentary. All you will read are the exact prophecies. You can then decide for yourself if you believe them or not. I do believe them and, therefore, I have peace. I wish you peace in your own heart regarding your future. If you have fear about your future, or that of your descendants, and these prophecies do not relieve you of your fear, you are certainly welcome to contact us for coaching for this issue.

New Heaven and New Earth
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