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My name is Donna Crow

I am a Holistic Health Coach, graduating from the Global College of Natural Medicine in Santa Cruz, California.

I also have certificates in:
As a result of my own experience and training, I became a natural health advocate and instructor.
In 2011 I founded Fountain of LIfe Healing School, where I teach classes on natural health. We also have world class guest teachers from around the world.

We have a few products that we have found to be universally beneficial to the majority of people in upgrading or restoring their health. You will find these at the sites below.
Common health issues that have proven to respond well to natural self-treatments are:
High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Leaky Gut Syndrome
and much more.
I have posted a good deal of information free for the reading on my various sites.
I hope you will avail yourself of those free materials as time allows you.
I would say, however, that my most valuable education has taken place as I have done personal study, on a daily basis, using books, medical publications and research papers, over more than 38 years.

Health has long been an interest of mine, and became even more of an interest when I suddenly became ill with a seemingly incurable illness in 1988. Like many others in recent years, my basic diagnosis was the catch-all Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My adrenals were shot and I was close to death for many months. I was seriously challenged in the area of health for 18 years, being house bound for most of that time. As you can imagine, my studies really accelerated during that season.

Nevertheless, in the end, my healing came as an answer to prayer.
I also teach healing from a Christian perspective. You can visit Fountain of Life Healing School to learn more.

You can find our classes on Blog Talk Radio
They are free for the public.
Drop by and give a listen.
You might start with the series on:

Medicinal Mushrooms
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Gi-Jo Acupressure, and
EFT, both Basic and Advanced.
If you are not familiar with EFT, visit the links below.
EFT is easy to learn and to do, and can be remarkably effective in eliminating many issues, as in phobias, fears, addictions, physical symptoms and illnesses. It is extremely useful in eliminating emotions that keep us in the struggling zone. Everyone should know how to do EFT.
To download free instructions, click here.
Free EFT Instructions. And also: Short Version.
And finally, my immediate goal is to establish a teaching retreat center here in central Oregon, for the purpose of conductiong Extraordinary Freedom day seminars as well as overnight retreats for groups and individuals. It will be a pleasant place to relax, laugh and increase in freedom.

Thanks for stopping by.
Donna Crow
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Always consult your personal health care physician before making any changes to your current health protocol, especially if you are currently taking pharmaceutical medications. Some natural products will
conflict with some prescription medications.